Emerson Wedding Photography
My wedding photography site.
My Landscape Photography website - Emerson Landscapes.
Emerson Landscapes provides tranquil landscape Photography of the North East of England and the Scottish Highlands. Everything from corporate art to canvas gallery wraps for the living room.
Cosy cottages on the Isle of Skye
The perfect base for outdoor activities of all kinds on the Isle of Skye. Perfect for walkers, mountain bikers, kayakers (slipway just over the road) and for all those looking to escape into life.
Lost Dog register :-(
Find Lost Dogs Search our free online pet databases for lost dogs.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Always a bit of a contraversial bunch, but 10% of all Hairy Dog's earnings go to PETA - working where other animal charities can't.
North East pet sitting service
"From dog walking to looking after your hamster, we are confident that we can meet your pet sitting requirements.
As a member of the National Association of Registered Petsitters we can assure you of our first class care and service at all times".
Pooch and Mutt
Natural health supplements for dogs.
Top notch dog groomer based in Philadephia, Sunderland
Hairy Dog Photography has a tie-in deal with this excellent dog grooming parlour. Summer's coming, so treat your hairy dog to a cool haircut and get some fab photos at the same time!
Dog Club. Internet Directory
Dog Club - Internet Dog Directory