Hairy Dog Photography Gallery

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Please do take two minutes to enjoy the video below too - it's a compilation of some of my favourite dog portraits and action shots from the last three years.

Benji and Teddy
Ruby and Louis
(Contains 0 photos)
Ruby and Louis portfolio

Ruby and Louis
Teddy at Saltwell Park
(Contains 0 photos)
Teddy at Saltwell Park portfolio

Teddy having his portrait taken at a north east park

Penny and Parker at my local counrty park.
Molly and Rosie
(Contains 0 photos)
Molly and Rosie portfolio

Molly and Rosie at Sunderland Bridge, Durham.

Here are Pippa's photos!

Meet Swale, the beautiful Beardie Puppy!
Max, the Cavichon
(Contains 0 photos)
Max, the Cavichon portfolio

Here are Max's photos!

Here are Murphy and Flick, a gorgeous pair of Working Cocker Spaniels. We met at Penshaw monument which is ideal for a dog portrait session and with the fantastic woods just behind the hill, gives great scope for two very lively dogs on a photoshoot mission!

Please click HERE for the photos. Thanks :-)

Here are Mallow and Maisie enjoying a pet portrait session in Hawthorn Dene.

Here are the Boxer Dogs' photographs.

Here are Maud's images from Seaton Sluice.

Here are Harry and Jazz's photos. These were taken just down the road from me, at Herrington Country Park.
Ella the Basset Hound
(Contains 0 photos)
Ella the Basset Hound portfolio

Here are Ella the Basset Hound's photographs.
Huskies on the Beach!
(Contains 0 photos)
Huskies on the Beach! portfolio

Here are a beautiful pair of Husky dogs on the beach near Seaton Sluice.
Jackson and Geoge
(Contains 0 photos)
Jackson and Geoge portfolio

Jackson and George, working Cocker Spaniels.
Bergan the Staffie
(Contains 0 photos)
Bergan the Staffie portfolio

Bergan the north east Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ben, Alfie and Dylan
(Contains 0 photos)
Ben, Alfie and Dylan portfolio

Ben, Alfie and Dylan
Hugo the Springador Puppy!
(Contains 0 photos)
Hugo the Springador Puppy! portfolio

Hugo the Springador Puppy at home in Washington.
Sapphire's pups
(Contains 0 photos)
Sapphire's pups portfolio

Golden Retriever puppy photography in Middlesbrough
Bailey the Chocolate Labrador
(Contains 0 photos)
Bailey the Chocolate Labrador portfolio

Bailey the Chocolate Labrador - studio portraits in Sunderland.
Skittle the Black Labrador
(Contains 0 photos)
Skittle the Black Labrador portfolio

Skittle the Black Labrador in Herrington Country Park.

British Bulldogs Angel and Will in Newcastle
Bravo the Black Labrador
(Contains 0 photos)
Bravo the Black Labrador portfolio

Bravo the ex-police Black Labrador
Shyla and Bailey
(Contains 0 photos)
Shyla and Bailey portfolio

Here are Shyla and Bailey's photographs...
Molly the Labradoodle
(Contains 0 photos)
Molly the Labradoodle portfolio

Molly the Labradoodle having great fun at the beach, Tynemouth.
Charlie and Rosie in Durham
(Contains 0 photos)
Charlie and Rosie in Durham portfolio

Charlie the Cocker Spaniel and Rosie the Border Collie in the Durham countryside

Here are Harvey's photographs - just click the link to see the full gallery.
Charlie the Spaniel
(Contains 70 photos)
Charlie the Spaniel portfolio

Photographs of Charlie the Spaniel - what a star!
Kasper's Walkies!
(Contains 25 photos)
Kasper's Walkies! portfolio

Lots of photos of the original Hairy Dog on his various walks around Durham, Northumberland, Sunderland and Newcastle.
Willow and Baxter
(Contains 66 photos)
Willow and Baxter portfolio

Here are Willow and Baxter's photos - enjoy :-)
Harvey and George
(Contains 83 photos)
Harvey and George portfolio

Harvey and Georges photos - enjoy!
(Contains 42 photos)
Molly! portfolio

Molly the Newfoundland. Beautiful girl!
Pino and Gabi
(Contains 69 photos)
Pino and Gabi portfolio

Here are Pino and Gabi's photos - enjoy :-)
Nemo and Alfie
(Contains 74 photos)
Nemo and Alfie portfolio

Here are Nemo and Alfie's photos - enjoy!

Here are all the photos from the GSD show at The Dog House on the 26th October 2013.
Little Black Albums
(Contains 7 photos)
Little Black Albums portfolio

Here are our beautiful little black albums!

Here are Jed the Collie's photographs, shot on the beach at Seaton Carew.
Ozzy the Welsh Springer
(Contains 65 photos)
Ozzy the Welsh Springer portfolio

Here are Ozzy the Welsh Springer's photographs.

All the photos from the show on the 28th September.

Barney and Buddy's photos.
Daisy and Dougal
(Contains 98 photos)
Daisy and Dougal portfolio

Here are Barney and Buddy's photos - enjoy!
Harvey and Bailey
(Contains 38 photos)
Harvey and Bailey portfolio

Here are Harvey and Bailey's photographs - enjoy!

Here are Ollie the Lhassa Apso and Monty the Border Terrier's photos (hope I got that the right way round!), followed by lots of photos of Daschunds.
Seth and Rocky
(Contains 52 photos)
Seth and Rocky portfolio

Here are Seth and Rocky's portraits - enjoy!
Millie the Labradoodle
(Contains 55 photos)
Millie the Labradoodle portfolio

Here are Millie's photos taken on Druridge Bay.
Lola and Skye
(Contains 66 photos)
Lola and Skye portfolio

Here are Lola and Skye's photographs, taken at Herrington Country Park.
Lily the Lurcher
(Contains 63 photos)
Lily the Lurcher portfolio

Here are Lily the Lurcher's photos from her recent lifestyle shoot.

Oscar the Spaniel's dog photography session near Consett.
Zeus the German Shepherd Dog.
(Contains 32 photos)
Zeus the German Shepherd Dog. portfolio

Here are Zeus' photographs. What a magnificent dog he is!
Baby and Joey
(Contains 75 photos)
Baby and Joey portfolio

Here are Baby the Cockapoo and Joey the Chihuahua having fun in the snow. Amazing dogs!
(Contains 28 photos)
Elmo portfolio
Bruno the Labradoodle
(Contains 58 photos)
Bruno the Labradoodle portfolio

Here are the photos from Bruno the Labradoodle's portrait session at Seaburn, Sunderland.
Tess the Collie
(Contains 62 photos)
Tess the Collie portfolio

Here are the photographs of Tess the Collie dog on the beach at Seaham. Action photography of dogs is Hairy Dog Photography's speciality, and Tess didn't disappoint!
Rosie the Yellow Labrador.
(Contains 54 photos)
Rosie the Yellow Labrador. portfolio

A lovely morning walk in the park in Darlington with Rosie the yellow Labrador. I'm not usually a fan of rainy day photoshoots but the flooded areas of the park really added a lot to the photos! Keats said it best when describing the "...Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness". And the mist did indeed add bags of atmosphere.
Tilly the Collie
(Contains 80 photos)
Tilly the Collie portfolio

Here are Tilly the Border Collie's photographs - enjoy!
Tilly the Yorkshire Terrier
(Contains 43 photos)
Tilly the Yorkshire Terrier portfolio

Here are Tilly the Yorkie's photos - hope you like them!
(Contains 43 photos)
Bruno portfolio

Here are Bruno's photos - hope you like them!

Here are Bowser's photos - hope you like them!
Amy's Dogs, Tynemouth Beach
(Contains 103 photos)
Amy's Dogs, Tynemouth Beach portfolio

Five dogs having a grand day out at the beach at Tynemouth!
Evie the Black Lab
(Contains 49 photos)
Evie the Black Lab portfolio

Evie's gallery - photos of a Black Labrador in Woolsington near Newcastle.
(Contains 76 photos)
Bruce! portfolio

Photgraphs of Bruce the Husky in Middlesbrough by Hairy Dog Photography, providing classy dog portraiture throughout the North East.
Benson, the elder statesman
(Contains 74 photos)
Benson, the elder statesman portfolio

Here's Benson's photoshoot. Given that he's getting on a bit, I thought it would be nice to portray him with some gravitas and show him in a dignified light. Sadly, he behaved like a puppy and bounced around all over the place :-)
(Contains 38 photos)
Mick. portfolio

Meet Mick, the retired racing greyhound. We are looking after him for a few days whilst his owners are away. He truly is a force of nature and still hits top gear at least once every walk - you can actually feel time slowing down when he hits his stride :-D