I'm Jamie Emerson (BA Hons Photography) and I specialise in dramatic, modern canine photography. My shooting style is candid and natural, with an emphasis on fun. Do take a second to 'like' the Hairy Dog Photography Facebook page which always has the latest work and most interesting news!

Photographing dogs has been something of a hobby for many years. I still well remember the moment back in 2009, when on a dog walk, the lightbulb moment came as I took photographs of our dog Kasper hooning around the Durham countryside. Other people might like professional photos of their dogs too! I rushed home, set up the Hairy Dog website and we've gone from strength to strength ever since!

The only thing better than photographing a happy, lively dog on his/her favourite walk, is shooting the same dog with its family, interacting and enjoying life. This is known as 'lifestyle portraiture' - a slightly over the top phrase to describe a photoshoot with a family and their pet.

You just can't beat a picture of a happy dog! And that is exactly what I set out to capture, with endless enthusiasm and over ten years experience as a professional photographer.

So if you have been thinking about a family photo, why not get the dog involved and call Hairy Dog Photography on 07866127732. Needless to say, I'm more than happy to dedicate the whole photoshoot to just your dog too!

Sessions start at £70 with a free 7x5.5" print. Gift vouchers are also available HERE.

And finally, if you're interested in some tranquil landscape photographs for your home or office, please take a moment to have a look at Emerson Landscapes. My newest venture, this site is the place to go for serene landscape photography taking in the North East of England, the Highlands of Scotland and everywhere else in between!